About the leather we use at English Leather Works:

All of our leathers are purchased from independent suppliers - mainly Thoroughbred Leather in the Butchertown district of Louisville, KY.  We believe in supporting small businesses all the way down to the material level.

On occasion, we will offer limited runs of our items in different colors, as some materials become available and discontinued as time goes on.  However, the following leathers are our house favorites, and ones that we come  back to time after time.


Sunset Oil Tan

This pull-up leather is used in most of the products offered.  A handsome, durable leather that changes color as it flexes and breaks in.  It's a medium to firm leather that is used primarily in our wallets and memo book sleeves.  Easily the most versatile and long-lasting to ensure the best finished product to last you years to come.


Worn Saddle

This soft and supple leather is used in the majority of our bags and soft clutches.  It's thick, so it's made to last, but it's also incredibly flexible so it drapes and folds perfectly.  A very pleasant leather to hold in your hands.

This particular leather comes in black and ochre (pictured) colors, and is definitely a house favorite.


Crazy Horse Tan

This thick and waxy leather is one of our favorites due to its versatility and the way it ages.  With it's heavy weight and flexible feel it is one of our favorites to make bags and wristlets from, but the gorgeous color lends itself well to wallets and Field Notes sleeves as well.