About your English Leather Works product:


Each product made by English Leather Works is constructed from 100% real leather - no laminate and no liners.  Due to the nature of leather, many items may differ slightly because of scars, stretch marks, brands, and other marks that tell the story of the animal from which it came.  While consistency is important in creating a product, here at ELW, the mindset is that these markings are what make the piece uniquely beautiful. 

Every single item is made in Old Louisville, KY and the leather is purchased directly from the local and independent Thoroughbred Leather in the Butchertown district. 

All seams are burnished with organic beeswax rather than dyes or paints.  We think the natural edge of leather is gorgeous and ought to be visible.  Furthermore, English Leather Works strives to use no synthetic materials at all.  That means that your product is held together with real stitching, not decorative stitching and glue.

Before a product reaches your hands it is lightly coated in mink oil to protect and soften the leather itself.  If ever your product becomes dry or begins to crack, it is encouraged to re-oil to preserve the life of the piece.

Lastly, we take great pride in our work, and work tirelessly to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.  To that end, we guarantee all stitching on every single ELW product.  If ever an item's stitching breaks or begins to unravel, we will either repair the piece, or replace it entirely. 

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